Dear Colleagues,

here you can download the final program for the1st European Conference on Childhood and Adolescence Pasychology  “Adolescence: Anxieties and Forms of Resilience” . While we wish to give you an anticipation of the plenary sessions, in the provisional order of presentation, you can see the detailed program and the break out sessions by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page

August 28th 2024 afternoon

The power of Abraxas: memory of the future and the analyst's resilience Bisagni F. (SAP)

On the heretical function of adolescence Ingrassia R./Ajello G. (CIPA)

Adolescence, therapy, confidentiality and the right to privacy Bianchi M. G. (CGJIZ)

August 29th 2024 Morning

A gregarious or solitary adolescence? Martin-Vallas F./Brown S. (SFPA)

Getting Burned Tyminsky R. (CGJISF)

Adolescents’ bodily dreams: news from Public Services Rogora C./Bizzarri V. (AIPA)

August 30th , 2024 Morning

Adolescence and resilience: a young Syrian war persecution from Aleppo to Milan Rosiello F. (ARPA)

The Second Birth: Adolescence as a Model of Resilience for Adulthood Giorgi S. (ARPA)

The Road Not Taken: moratorium as crucial quest in Adolescent Ben-Amitay G. (IIJPNEUMANN)

Use of serial drawings in the individual work in group setting to enhance resilience in children in the war context Zaleska O. (UGR IAAR)/Hrushetska Y. (LAAP)

Father's Wings and the War Rasche J. (DGAP )